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Central Heating Pump Replacement, London

When your central heating system begins to fail, you must ask yourself: is it time for a central heating pump replacement? 24-7 TTPH is here to help; we can help repair or replace your failing old pump with a new central heating pump. Call 24-7 TT Plumbing & Heating today, and we can help with your pump replacement in London.

Key Takeaways

  • Central heating pumps are crucial for distributing heated water throughout the whole central heating system, with various types like high-efficiency, variable speed, and smart pumps available, each designed to meet specific energy, performance, and system requirements.
  • Signs that a central heating pump needs replacement include lack of power, unusual noises, leaks, interrupted heating, and insufficient radiator warmth despite an operating boiler, necessitating a check for issues like airlocks, sludge accumulation, or mechanical faults.


Every system relies heavily on central heating pumps known as circulators. Their main job is to distribute the heated water evenly throughout the system, guaranteeing consistent warmth.

  • High-efficiency pumps, which consume less energy while maintaining optimal performance 
  • Variable speed pumps, which allow for more precise control of water flow 
  • Single-speed pumps, which operate at a fixed speed 
  • Twin head pumps, which have two impellers for increased flow rate


Understanding the different types of central heating pumps can help you choose the right one for your system.

Signs Your Central Heating Pump Needs Replacement

With time, signs of wear and tear may appear on your high-efficiency pump. These can include:

  • Lack of power 
  • Accumulation of sludge or debris 
  • Airlocks 
  • Excessive noise Interrupted heating or hot water supply 
  • Leaks in pipes, boilers, and radiators


Additionally, if your pump is running, but your radiators are not heating sufficiently despite a functioning boiler, it's a clear sign that your pump might need replacing.

Unusual noises from your pump could be attributed to overly high-speed settings or an airlock causing blockages. Leaks from a central heating pump may indicate incorrect installation, over-vibration leading to loose bolts, or a blown seal due to overpressure. Persistent power issues can also indicate potential pump failure.

Glow worm boiler range

Choosing the Right Replacement Pump


To select the best replacement pump, you need to weigh several factors, such as:

  • cost
  • energy conservation
  • dependability
  • durability
  • technology
  • brand


Wilo Pumps: A Trusted Choice

Regarding choosing, Wilo pumps stand out due to their high quality, efficiency, and sustainability. They have received top ratings for their energy efficiency, offering potential energy savings of up to 80%. Their sustainability is due to their responsible use of resources, emphasis on efficient technology to minimise energy usage, and commitment to recycling old pumps.

Grundfos Pumps: Excellence in Central Heating Pump Technology

At 24-7 TT Plumbing and Heating, we pride ourselves on using the best equipment for our services, which is why we recommend Wilo or Grundfos pumps in our central heating pump replacement offerings. 


Expert Help: Call a Professional

Installing a new central heating pump can be tricky, and we always advise using a professional plumber to undertake any central heating system repairs. Changing central heating pumps can also be very difficult for non-professional heating engineers, leading to extended downtime. The old pump and the new pump may be similar, but plumbing knowledge is often needed to make the swap.

The risks of attempting a DIY replacement include improper installation, wiring, and plumbing, which can lead to fire hazards, loss of power to the pump and boiler, corrosion of pump components, disruption of heating and hot water supply, leaks, and unwanted noises.

Professional replacement guarantees peak energy efficiency of your heating system, sustains the system's top performance, lowers the chances of costly repairs or replacements, and simplifies the replacement process, thereby saving time.

Call TTPH London today to schedule your pump replacement. 


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Domestic and Commercial Services


Our gas safe registered engineer can help with both domestic and commercial heating pump replacement. So, no matter your emergency - we can help.

Save money with our one-off fees, rather than long-term contracts, so you only pay when you need us.

Call TTPH London today to schedule your pump replacement. 



Got questions? We've got answers!

How do I know if my central heating pump needs replacing?

If your central heating pump is making a knocking or grating noise, not making any sound at all, failing to start, leaking, or causing some radiators not to heat, it may need replacing. Pay attention to these signs.


What is the life expectancy of a central heating pump?

The life expectancy of a central heating pump is typically between 15 and 30 years, and if it's been operating for 30 years or more, it's advisable to consider a more efficient replacement.


What is the primary role of a central heating pump?

The primary role of a central heating pump is to facilitate the circulation of heated water throughout the heating system, ensuring uniform warmth in all areas.


How do I choose the right replacement pump?

To choose the correct replacement pump, consider price, energy efficiency, reliability, longevity, technology, and brand. You can also use the replacement guide on the Wilo or Grundfos website, or give us a cal .


What are the steps to replace a central heating pump?

To replace a central heating pump, you should start by shutting off the electrical connection, locating the pump, taking a photo of the wiring, disconnecting the wires, and turning off the inlet and outlet valves. Then, proceed with the replacement. If in doubt, always call a professional for help.


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Ready to schedule a service or need more information? Contact us through our easy-to-use form, or reach out directly via phone or email. We're here to help with all your central heating pump needs.

Care Home Plumbing Services

TTPH provide plumbing and heating services for care homes throughout London and the surrounding area. Our highly skilled plumbers and gas engineers can offer various services, including central heating pump replacement.

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